Max Muscle Vancouver isn't your average supplement store. We set ourselves a part from the competition through superior customer service, unmatched knowledge, and products backed by science. Every Max Muscle Vancouver employee is a Certified Nutrition Specialist through NESTA. From our product quality guarantee to the way we take care of you in the store, you'll understand why Max Muscle Vancouver is the authority on sports nutrition.

Custom Meal Plans

Our meal planning is second to none. These are not cookie-cutter nutrition plans you can find online from various health & fitness websites. No, these are tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR schedule, and YOUR goals!

We sit down with you at the initial consultation to discuss the things you like to eat, the things you don't like to eat, your daily routine, and anything else that'll help us more effectively provide you a meal plan that is impossible NOT to follow!

Accountability is king when it comes to meal plans. That's why we give you weekly consultations, weigh-ins, and support. This is our time to see how things are progressing and make adjustments as needed. Plus, we track all your metrics so that we can see how well everything is working. Is your body fat decreasing? Are you properly hydrated? Are we still on the right track? Each week, we set aside a time specifically for you where we can tend to any questions or concerns.

Supplements & Professional Advice

It's nearly impossible to get all the essential nutrients in our diets for most people unless they're on a regimented eating schedule. For the reason, things like multi-vitamins, protein supplements, and omega fats often need to be added in to fill the gap.

We can suggest various options to make up for deficiencies you might have in various areas. For instance, in the northwest, many individuals are critically low on Vitamin D levels due to the sparse amount of sun that we see. Sluggish & tired? Irritable? Just not feeling as good as you know you should? You could quite possibly be lacking in Vitamin D.

Based on your activities, we can make additional suggestions to aid in performance, recovery, energy, etc. The Max Muscle Vancouver staff has the experience and the know-how to help you meet your goals.

Diet & Exercise Tips

We aren't just employees, we live the fitness life style! We have experience both in the gym and in the kitchen. Whether you're looking for some suggestions on what to eat pre and post workout or how much cardio is enough, we're always happy to help.

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Top 5 Reasons To Get On A Meal Plan:

  • Get Healthy!
    Do it for yourself, do it for your family, do it for your friends! There are so many reasons to get healthy & live a longer, richer life. Our health is the most important thing in life, make it a priority!
  • Lose Weight
    Excess weight is harmful to your health in so many ways. It's tougher on your organs, it's harder on your joints, and your chance of a multitude of diseases goes up considerably! Do yourself a favor and let us show you how to get down to your frame's ideal body weight.
  • Have More Energy!
    Do you rely on coffee or energy drinks to keep you going throughout the day? That is NOT normal! Our bodies are amazing creations that, when properly fueled, are capable of fantastic feats. Unfortunately, prolonged intake of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other unnatural substances leads to a weakening of our entire system. When you eat the right things, you will have loads of natural energy, improved mood, and enhanced focus.
  • Reduce Your Risk of Cancer & Disease
    Cancer is no joke. Every day it seems we hear about another study that links a different food additive or special preservative to causing cancer. Staying away from those nasty culprits and having a diet high in antioxidants will greatly decrease your risk of cancer. Our meal plans are built around natural, nutrient dense foods, not pre-packaged meal options full of artificial ingredients and chemical compounds you struggle to pronounce. We show you how you were meant to eat.
    Physically and emotionally! There's no end to the benefits of a truly healthy diet. Eating the right foods will have your body feeling top notch as well as helping promote proper hormone balance, which translates to less mood swings and a generally happier disposition. When you feel your best, everything else in your life tends to become even better.
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